Battle Mania is the result of a collaboration between Microgaming and Skillz Gaming, and if you're a fan of RPG's, you'll definitely want to check it out! Help your favourite team take on monsters to win cash rewards, and unlock new lands to enjoy free spins, special character abilities, and win boosts.

Our Verdict:

The unique gameplay provided by the Battle Mania slot game should appeal to anyone who likes a challenge rather than simply spinning the reels. The creator of Battle Mania, Microgaming, has included plenty of bonus features to hold your attention and lets you explore new lands where you can potentially win additional rewards with as little as 50p per spin.


Before you can start playing Battle Mania, you need to pick a stake size of between 50p and £100. Once you've done this, it's time to choose which team you wish to support. There are five teams such as Heroes of Light, Heavy Fighters, and Dark Fury, and as you click on each of them, you'll notice that they offer different amounts of volatility (e.g. bigger wins less frequently or smaller wins more frequently). However, between any spin (or battle), you have the option to change your team.

You'll find your team members, who are known as heroes, standing along the bottom of the Battle Mania slot game screen facing their monster enemies. At the start of each battle, you receive Mana points which allow you to fire your weapons at the monsters.
A monster is defeated when its health bar reaches 0, and each one that you beat gives you a cash prize.

During the game, you can be assigned special cards. For example, ability cards allow your heroes to perform actions such as instant enemy defeats and self-healing while skull cards turn the battle in the monsters' favour.

Wild Symbol:

There is no wild symbol in the Battle Mania slot.

Bonus Features:

In the Battle Mania slot, there are five islands, each of which has its own unique bonus feature, but when you begin playing Battle Mania, you only have access to Forest Island. Other islands can be unlocked by collected island stones. The only exception to this rule is Treasure Island which is unlocked in the twelfth game, and it opens every twelve hours for twenty battles only. For many players, Treasure Island is the game's best feature as it applies a 25% boost to all wins. 

To trigger an island's bonus feature in the Battle Mania slot, you must be assigned a Bonus Card. For instance, if you trigger Forest Island's Boss Fight feature, you must help your heroes defeat the evil dragon to win up to 20,000 coins.

From time-to-time, you may receive a special ability card for one of your heroes, which can prove extremely handy during battles. For example, Miandra the Mermaid can cause a tsunami to reduce the enemy's health points by four while Diabla the Necromancer can send a cloud of dark magic towards your opponents and overcome them instantly.