The sequel to the highly popular original, Thunderstruck 2 has hit our screens you will be ‘thunderstruck' by the size of the winnings that could be yours. Featuring 4 of the most famous Gods in Norse mythological history, easy betting options and incredible graphics make this one of the most cultured and exciting slot games on the internet. Aimed at the lower rolling players, it will not matter how much you put on between £0.30 and £15 per spin, you will have unrivalled joy when playing Thunderstruck 2.

Our Verdict:

This top slot game trounces its prequel, thanks to fantastic graphics, additional features and, of course, a spectacular bonus round with so many options, there's no chance you'll get bored. The slot also caters to most audiences, with a wide bet range on offer. A must-play for any Thor fans.

Wild Symbol:

For those who played the first, they will recognise the symbols and be familiar with the fluid gameplay. Something that has changed is the Wild symbol as Thor was represented as the Wild in the previous instalment, whereas the Thunderstruck 2 logo is the Wild in this game. The Wild symbol will substitute for all other symbols in the game, giving players an enhanced chance of larger and more frequent combinations.

Bonus Round:

Thunderstruck is one of the most exciting games on the internet and the reason for this is chances players have to win big. Usually, the way players will win big in a slot is the bonus features. One of the many features this game includes is the Wildstorm feature. This bonus feature is activated randomly at any point in the game and will not be based on the size of wagers you are places. In this feature, Thor will turn reels into stacked Wilds and you will be awarded 1 free spin.

Bonus Symbol:

The most desired feature of the game and the most rewarding (usually) of any slot game is a chance of free spins. Thunderstruck 2 has gone the extra mile and made their bonus spins feature quite incredible. It is called the Great Hall of Spins and each of the main characters is involved.

More info:

To trigger the Great Hall of Spins feature, you will have to land 3 of the hammer scatter symbols. Once you have entered the Great Hall, you will have the choice of 4 Gods each with the power to gift you different numbers of free spins accompanied by a special extra attached. First up is Valkyrie, this Goddess will offer you the chance of 10 free spins with a 5x multiplier. Next up is Loki, who will grant the opportunity of 15 free spins with the Magic Feature, which when found on reel 3 will transform other symbols into Wilds. Thirdly, is Odin, who can gift players with 20 free spins with the Wild Raven feature attached. Odin's ravens can randomly turn symbols into 2x or 3x multipliers. Lastly, is Thor, one of the most famous Gods of all. He can offer you 25 free spins with rolling reels, with each consecutive winning spin you can increase multipliers from 2x to 5x, ultimately meaning you could end up with 5x multipliers for each spin!