Cash Splash 5 Reel picks up where another left off, but it has even more than ever before. The previous game was Cash Splash 3 Reel, and it was a smash hit. Since this game was such a huge success Microgaming has brought it back and added another 2 reels to it which gives players more fun and more chances to scoop up a big win compared the older version. Alongside this, they've also given the look of the game an update to make it better all round.

Our Verdict:

Microgaming did a fantastic job on the 3 reel variation of Cash Splash - it was something different and provided a good alternative for the 5 reel slot games. This new version of the slot game lets players switch between the 2 and there's never a dull moment with these games. Cash Splash 5 Reel combines elements of classic and modern slot games to create 1 game of pure enjoyment and simplicity, which is why this will be a favourite amongst all kinds of players.

How to Play:

The reels may have changed but the rules haven't. The objective remains the same; the only thing that changes is the size of prize you may win and the number of symbols you may land on a payline. The aim is to spin the reels to find the prizes. If you land matching symbols on the 15 paylines, you'll win the prize associated with that particular prize. The position of the paylines can be identified at the site of the game which means you always know what you're hoping to come up on these reels.

Wild Symbol:

If players can think back to the 3 reel version of Cash Splash, they will remember that the symbols in the game were inspired by a retro fruit machine. These symbols are back again, and the wild symbol reappears too. The wild symbol, represented by the Cash Splash logo, will substitute other symbols in the game apart from the scatter symbol.  This, therefore, increases your chances of creating winning combinations across the 15 paylines. What's more, the wild symbol also gives you the chance to win big because if you bet the maximum amount and land 5 wild symbols on the reels you'll scoop up the progressive jackpot.

Scatter Symbol:

The other main difference between the 2 versions of the games, besides the transition from 3 reels to 5 reels, is the inclusion of the scatter symbol. This special symbol has a bit more of an edge to its payout because it pays out a lot more cash and the best part is that it doesn't have to appear on a payline in order to payout. The scatter symbols can payout from any position on the reels, so it's not bound by the payline. Players can win themselves an x250 multiplier when they find 5 of these symbols scattered throughout the game after any single spin.